Desta, Daughter born in exile,
Come home the first time.
Meet your grandmother
Her family, her neighbors
Your family, your neighbors
Your country, our home.
Please eat
These vegetables and meat
And a special treat of wild roots.
Or have I spoiled you?

No, Daddy, I love this.
But we need windows
Reesom Haile-

I approach the night
silence opens its dark cloths
and things trickle
cold, thick oil
This should be the time
I gather that
as a sunset
the beating of your heart....

                 Mia Couto-
Miracle Tree

It is unbelievable
It has never been seen
It is unheard of
The tree is dry
The tree is standing
People are looking at it
They look and shy away.....

Bongekile Mbanjwa
South Africa
Sew the old days for us our fathers
that we wear them under our old garments
after we have washed ourselves....

       Kofi Awoonor Williams-

...leaves me standing on the grave of hope
moving towards a distant cliff in the dark
to end the two lives and a love despised
after she opts for shame rather than him.

JKS Makokha
East and West
Spirits and Ghosts
Flower and Wine
Passion Returned
Nights of the Lost Sailor
The Lost Sailor

Ali Mahmoud Taha-
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Copyright 2011. All rights reserved
I Thank God

I thank God for creating me black.
White is the colour for special occasions
Black the colour for everyday
And I have carried the World since the dawn of time
And my laugh over the World, through the night creates
The Day.

                  Bernard Dadie'-
                   Cote d'Ivoire
Piano and Drums

When at break of day at a riverside
I hear jungle drums...
Then I hear a wailing piano
Solo speaking of complex ways....

            Gabriel Okara-

A Confissão da Leoa (the Lioness's Confession) by Mia Couto- May 2012
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